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Thread: Distortion and no youtube upload on h264 codec :(

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    Default Distortion and no youtube upload on h264 codec :(

    When I try to upload the avi file to youtube it says could not convert file.

    look at 1:45

    You can the weird distortion that appears, never used to get that. The original avi file recorded with camstudio is perfect quality. The odd thing is it seem to happen when I slice video clips, not when I let the original source play all the way through.

    Here are the settings I use when rendering with the h264 codec>>

    note: the resolution matches the original screen capture video.

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    "Frame order". Should it really be set to "Lower field first". Is there an option for "None"?

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    I tried that and it didn't help :(

    also, I forgot to mention that these artefacts even show up in the preview window indicating that it's not actually happening during rendering...sry

    still the source file is fine and it only seems to be when I start slicing it up that this happens...what the hell would cause this? Project settings? I'm stumped and it's really holding me up so please help!

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    anybody? I really need help here!

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    Try using a multiple pass, variable bitrate. This will ensure that the bitrate is increased where more data is required.

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    Thanks Marc I'll give that a try now

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