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Thread: For those needing help converting AVCHD

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    Default For those needing help converting AVCHD

    I have just (after about 6 months cracked it..)

    I have a dual core laptop 3 gig of ram (ATI Graphics), its new and recent and i was horified that to convert HD Raw .Mts from my Sony HD Camera it was taking 10x real time to convert to anything that would allow Converting to DVD. Or it would take similar x10 when editing and rendering out the edited footage to wmv/avi etc.

    I found that i could straight away take that down to x4 but dragging the .mts into convertxtodvd and converting and burning. 2 hours of HD .Mts will convert and burn to DVD in appx 8 hours. So thats better than 20 hours using Vegas/Premiere etc etc.

    I read that a Quad Core with NVidia could do it in real time so had one built for under 400

    Quad Core i5 2.8Ghz , Nvidia GT210 (Cheap NVidia Card) 500GB Sata hard drive...

    I ran the SAME 2 hour regular footages that i have in .Mts raw AVCHD 24mbps and ran through a few bits of software on the new rig...

    Straight to DVD including conversion in convertxtodvd in 50 minutes for Full AVCHD!!!

    convert in Vegas 3 Hours
    convert in Cyberlink PowerDirector REAL TIME 20-30 fps.

    Wow, as you can tell im happy.

    So anyone who is using a Dual Core and suffering with X10 converting and waiting upto a DAY to convert then try ConvertxtoDVD

    Anyone with a few pounds you can get a quad core i5 with NVidia Graphics(Note this uses Cuda and is far better and quicker than ATI when converting and editing)

    No more waiting a Day converting spoerts events for me if i shoot when i need the action and stop when its finished i can burn the footage straight to DVD in 2 times faster than real time, or then edit the vob produced in convertxtodvd.

    Anyone that has any other tweaks that like me found improving hardware is better then feel free to let me know what you did to get faster than i have now.

    Anyone on Dual Core lappys then try convertxtodvd to get a VOB or DVD in twice as fast as you will get converted footage if you were using an NLE to convert your raw HD (AVCHD/.MTS).

    Hope this helps someone to half their converting time even if they cant upgrade their hardware.

    BADABOOM doesnt go any faster than PowerDirector for me for AVCHD but have had it upto 40fps converting mp4 to other file sizes. Maybe i am doing something wrong there ive seen it go 500fps on youtube. 20 x FASTER than real time

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    I always found it faster to convert to uncompressed avi, for the whole editing/color correction etc process and only convert it to a dvd at the end

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