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Thread: Powerboat Filming...Which Camera??

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    Default Powerboat Filming...Which Camera??

    Hi Everyone...
    i really need some help, i've recently been asked to do some filming for superstock racing and need to know which camera would be most appropriate!

    The sort of thing I'll be shooting can be found on this link!

    I have access to a helicopter to film so waterproofing is not necessary!

    I'd really appreciate your advice!!

    hope to hear from you soon

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    I'm sure someone that knows what they're talking about will come along with some recommendations shortly, but until then... you lucky so and so! Some guys just get all the fun

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    Well... its not all fun and games but I do seem to have landed a good one here!

    Any advice appreciated!!


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    Have you ever filmed from a helicopter ?

    Ive heard its not as easy as it looks, especially stabalising the camera

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    Only once for heli-skiing, not very experienced at filming from a helicopter, hopefully Superstock filming will build my confidence!

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