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Thread: how to convert vob to dv-avi

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    Default how to convert vob to dv-avi

    Can people throw out some ideas of how this is done so I can go through them and find one that will work for me. I am looking for freeware progs and will be editing in Premier. I have gone in many directions and am fustrated now. Here are a few ways I have tried and my failures but I am willing to forget about them and go in another direction.
    this gives me an error at step 5a saying I dont have audio compression

    VOB to DV - Digital Video Forums
    this does not generate a wav file

    Converting VOB to DV AVI for Premiere 6.0
    this gives me a useable avi but has some kind of wierd pixelization that flashes about every second

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    ....or should I use a totaly different format all together to edit. Please let me know if I am asking a dumb question, I am totaly new to this and was assuming that dv-avi is less complex has less loss or degeneration of picture quality and would be easier for my very old computer to edit and render. I am looking to edit the phone numbers and adresses in our old public access show, I have already figured out how to do that with the avi that has pixilization problems.
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    Without stepping through each of the guides, I can't suggest why you're not getting any audio. At the risk of stating the obvious, have you followed every step of the first guide? Selecting PCM audio with no compression is the best option.

    As a workaround, why don,t you use the audio from the third video, and the video fro the second? Premiere will let you unlink video and audio from a file in the timeline, and then link the video to a seperate audio file. See the help files for linking audio and video.
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    I tried linking the audio and video of the two by dragging them onto the time line but it was out of sync, I think it even put one before the other in the time line instead of on top of each other. Don't know what I did wrong there.
    Well good news is that I do have an dv-avi now. I had used Super(c) before but was using the default codec and that was one of many attempts with freeware programs where I got an avi that premiere would not accept. This time I changed the codec to the huffyuv since one of of the posts I read was using that one. It was just a shot in the dark. Its almost 20 gig lol.

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