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Thread: Israel or Middle East footage needed

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    Default Israel or Middle East footage needed

    Is there any one who has footage of a tracking shot moving slowly through a biblical looking town or village street ?

    I have been asked to get together some footage to use on a 10 foot screen as a back ground scene for a nativity play being put on in my local village.

    I need about 30 seconds of a side facing tracking shot of the buildings with a POV of around 10 to 15 feet, as Mary & Joseph walk through the city (Davids City) looking for an inn.

    The only thing I can offer in exchange is that you will know your footage will be shown on a 10 foot screen in a small village in North Yorkshire in the UK also I and the local church would be very grateful if you could help.
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    This above request does not have to be authentic biblical just some where that looks the part. Perhaps Turkey or Cyprus or anywhere that has a biblical look.

    Thanks again.

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