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Thread: Importing DV to Sony Vegas 9

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    Default Importing DV to Sony Vegas 9

    Hi guys.

    Cant seem to get my dv from my sony z1e to my pc and editing software which is sony vegas 9.

    I have used other software on my lap top but this is the first time I have tried to use my Z1e with my new PC and vegas9.

    The pc dose not even acknowledge that a device has been connected.

    Seems like a problem with the pc or fire-wire cable to me.

    Anybody got any ideas before I contact the Pc makers with a rant?

    thanks guys

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    If you're saying Windows doesn't even recognise that a device has been connected, it's certainly a hardware issue.
    My guess is that your case has a firewire port on the front and the assemblers either have not connected it up to the firewire hearder on the mobo or connected it incorrectly or the board doesn't have firewire.

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    You could check in Device Manager to see if you have a IEEE 1394 (fire wire) device loaded and working properly. ALSO Do you have another PC you can try the camera and cable with just to eliminate these as being the problem.

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    Are you capturing HDV or standard? When you open the capture, you have a choice - if your camera is set to output HD then your PC isnt forced to 'see' it automatically. Check your VCR settings on the camera.

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    Thanks for all the help guys but I think I have found the problem.

    After spending 3 hours of f%$king about with different cameras and computers the problem appears to be a lose connection to cable port in the camera.

    It works if you move it about but only for a few seconds.

    Sounds a very obvious thing to check but it did not even cross my mind until I had run out of ideas.

    So my next question is.....anybody know how to fix a lose import/output cable on a Z1e?(will also post this on main board to a wider audience)

    Thanks again.

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