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    A few weeks ago, my friends and I created this video as half a joke and half an attempt to make a serious movie. The lead in this film is a slightly awkward friend of ours who enjoys going out of his way to make people laugh. (All in good fun, we're not being mean).

    This being said, the actual video is supposed to be hilarious through the seriousness of the video.

    Anyway, I put extra effort in the sound of this video and any criticism would be appreciated.

    If you find the humor please be sure to mention it!
    If you don't, pretend the lead is just Daniel Creig and criticize it accordingly!

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    Looked like a fun project. To be honest I didn't see the humour. You can tell that you have been watching action movies and picked up some good editing tips. Some of them need to be a bit tighter.

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    Your buddy is a terrible shot...

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    I did see a bit of humour when the dude with the draganov realised he was out of ammo...but other than that it looked pretty serious. Nice job

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    Yep. Loads of the standard angles/shots for this sort of movie in there. No bad thing.
    I enjoyed the chest wobble as the guy in the dark shirt was pumped full of bullets.

    Clearly the whole thing lacks any sort of backstory/character development so I didn't really give a tinker's cuss about who "won". I appreciate this wasn't the point of the movie, but bear in mind that at least 70% of the audience's exitement is lost if they don't care who comes out on top (which means you have to make it 3.5 times as exciting.

    Whether accidental or deliberate, you win major brownie points from me by choosing actors who look different and dress differently and thus are immediately identifieable. So many amateur action scenes fail because everyone looks the same and the audience is confused about who is chasing whom. It doesn't matter if they're all dressed the same when we know Bruce Willis or Arnie or Connery or Matt Damon or Brad Pitt, but when it's Tom & Dick from down your road, we need to be able to differentiate.

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