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Thread: A question about batch editing.

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    Default A question about batch editing.

    Hi all, just wondering, I have Sony Vegas 9 Platinum and was wondering about something. Could I add a video clip to the end of 20 or so clips I have for a school promotion? It's basicly for a yearbook thing, and there are clips of all sorts of sports. But at the end of each clip, there needs to be a blurb about fundraising and such. This blurb at the end is the same for all videos. Can I add this ending to all the clips without doing them individually? Is there a process I can use? Thanks!

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    you can add the same clip as many times as you like onto the time line., be it video, credits or generated media,

    Sorry re-read it, hold the CTRL and drag the clip to the new position to duplicate it or find it in the media pool and drag back onto the Time line.
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    I'm assuming you want to end up with 20 or so separate clips, each with the same indent on the end.
    You can't do this in Vegas 9 Movie Studio Platinum (I presume that's what you have - to my knowledge there isn't a Sony Vegas 9 Platinum) though I'm sure you could with Sony Vegas Pro if you were to write (or find) a script to do it.
    If you can find a script and this is a one-off, you could always download the 30 day trial of Pro just for this job.

    Alternatively, this sound like the perfect job for AviSynth which TimAndrews was talking about in another thread on this forum just a few days ago,

    EDIT: Here it is

    and another giuy even found a GUI front end for it.

    Let us know how you get on.
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