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Thread: Canon HG10 AVCHD to DVD issue

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    Default Canon HG10 AVCHD to DVD issue

    I have a Canon HG10 and alot of AVCHD files that have now filled up the hardrive on the camera. I am trying to figure out how to convert the high quality, if you like, RAW footage, into a format that would be acceptable on DVD. Firstly so that I can have original film on DVD for storage/backup and secondly to be able to send copies of footage to friends and family, aswell as converting for the internet etc. I use MAC platform, and iMovie8 which is a basic editing platform, but it has limitations for high end video and only converts to a max of 960x540p. I have tried mpeg Streamclip, it's not bad but does not recreate the original file. So, I am now looking for advice on where I can get software that will convert the original film at the same high level 1440x1080p (in 16:9 format) onto DVD. The camera generates a .MTS file at source, this in turn is converted into a .MOV file in iMovie8. These files are considerably bigger, for example a 2min.53sec film takes up over 1gb of hardrive memory. Some experience of and advice about how to convert to a DVD compatible file, so all the footage I have can go on to DVD, would be greatly appreciated.

    ………is there no-one out there who has these issues and uses a MAC. Or even someone who wants to do the same thing as me. Am I all alone on this one. How else do people back up and store their video surely not all on their pcs???
    Ah well I guess the answer to that one is no.
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