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    hey guys and girls.

    My misses was watching misstreses the other night and i saw the title screens and thought it would work well with a clip i am making at the moment on SV.
    Can any one tell me how to do it?
    If you have not see it is a little tricky to explain... if you imagine you have a blank background and then a bar comes accross scrolling acros the screen, in this bar is a video of some thing... then from another direction is another bar again with a different video in it, this scrolls accors and take over the last one and so on and so on... make any sense at all?
    Will try and get the title screens so it makes more sense!!

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    Sorry, u have SV 0 Prem EDition

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    Or maybe any one could tell me how to make a small line picture start one side and end the other, then for another to start some where else and move along and stay there while the other one is still there... can get one bar to start from the left of scfeen, scroll over and finish on the right. I tehn wnat one to start from the bottom and come to the top and for the other to stay there etc etc... making any sense?

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    Sounds like a video wipe, do you have a youtube video to view?

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    No sorry I cant seem to find the into part of the series, all you tube vids miss that out!!
    You got any tutorials of a video swipe?

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