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Thread: Old Film Reel Videos?

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    Default Old Film Reel Videos?

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum. I wasn't quite sure what this request would fit under so I've posted here.

    I was wondering if anyone had any good film clips of "old film reel" video. I just want a black background with the dusty effect on top; what plays just before a film starts.

    I've found a couple of clips on Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine by looking through the old silent films they have there. However the clips are always too short, and don't have enough "dust". I know that one can buy stock video, but I want to do it for free.

    If anyone has a video, or knows of one that would be able to create this effect, that would be wonderful

    Thank you

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    Download Sony Vegas 30 day fully working trial. It has a film effects FX. Just create a black image (or "generated media" within Sony Vegas) and apply the Sony Film Effects FX to it. Adjust tint, grain, dust, scratches, hair, flicker and jitter.

    This way you can create something as long as you like, exactly as you want, which you can reder and save for when you need it again.

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    Thanks Tim!

    That's perfect. I'll give it a go

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    hmmmm, I gave it a go. I can't actually get the results I'm after with it. It's good. But, at least the way I'm using it - it doesn't look real.

    If anyone else had any ideas. I've watched about 20 silent films today. I can't find any where there is more than 3 seconds of good video.

    If anyone knows one where they don't cut the end or something? Either that Or I try to splice together loads of 1/2 second clips.

    Many thanks for the help

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