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Thread: A day at the beach

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    9.4.2010 san diego beach.
    thanks for a great day , seth!

    [ame=""]YouTube- 9.4.2010 san diego beach[/ame]

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    It looks like you used a Go Pro (or something similar) on a stick. I know this for sure as you got the stick in shot for the first minute! To create an "illusion", you really need to ensure you don't get your equipment in shot.

    The video's really a series of long shots put back together in a very linear way; there wasn't really much of a variety in shots. This works well for adrenalin sports, which is what you've probably seen before. However, when your film is primarily people and places (and not sky diving!), you need to start thinking about editing whilst you're filming, and be more creative in the edit. For example a few of the shots at the end when the stick is passed underneath someone's legs are creative and add much more interest for the viewer.

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    just for fun.

    part 2

    [ame=]YouTube - just cruisin. on the beach[/ame]

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