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Thread: Canon MD101 and my Sony Vegas

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    Hi guys,

    I have faithfully used a Canon MD101 which is (for me) fine but the sound quality isn't that great and you can hear the warring of the mini dv cassette. I have posted before about swapping it for a camcorder with an SD card and was told not to bother as I wouldn't improve the quality (unless I went to HD which I don't want to do.) I have just got a bonus from work of 250 and wondered whether it would be worth upgrading from my Canon MD101 to another mini dv camcorder that would give me better pictures and sound than my Canon MD101 ? Or should I spend my bonus on something else instead.

    Would value you're input

    Cheers Cosy Pete

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    If you can the humming of the DV tape, on the audio track try using a notch filter at about 500-100hz and take it down -6dBm to try and reduce it

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    Dear Z Cheema,

    thanks for that.

    Cosy Pete

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