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    hello i was looking for a new cam but wasn't sure what kind will be a good one to buy my last cam got wet in the rain so i need to get a new one what brand would be good for recording videos and audio

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    How much money are you willing to spend?

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    um about 150-200 for a new one which im willing to pay up 2

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    I don't know if mean US dollars, UK pounds, or European EUROs. Either way, this is the very low end of the market. There appear to be many to choose from; and I suspect they all exhibit their limitations in slightly different ways.

    I would start by writing a list of the cams you have found, and their specifications. This will give a better idea of the available functions; and help you decide.
    For example, you might want your next cam to be waterproof. You may not want more than 30fps; or to record at 720 or 1020 resolutions. Perhaps you want the ability to record in stereo or to be extremely easy to use, or to have a macro facility.

    I cannot recommend any particular model. You must first narrow down your selection criteria. Happily, at that price range; it won't be tragic if you find at a later date that you made the wrong choice.


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