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Thread: Seeking a JK Audio DAPTOR Three for shoot on Tuesday, London.

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    Default Seeking a JK Audio DAPTOR Three for shoot on Tuesday, London.

    Hey folks, first time poster, not sure if it's the right thread...

    I've got a job on Tuesday afternoon with a Simsat cross to a foreign studio, so we require IFB Audio from the studio, and the audio from the talent to head to their studio over the same phone line.

    I've used a JK Audio DAPTOR Three Bluetooth device back in Australia, and it was incredible. Exactly what I need now. Sadly, can't find anyone who can hire it out in the UK, and (Given I only got the job info at 4:45pm today) sadly now all dealers are closed for the weekend.

    Complete stab in the dark, but does anyone out there happen to have one? It would be hired at your rate for one day on Tuesday, by a reputable broadcaster from Australia.

    Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I'll be sure to stick around this site as well, could be interesting.

    Thanks folks,


    EDIT: Forgiveness please, I should've posted a link to the device. Here it is. Highly recommend to anyone working with IFB through phone connections.
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