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Thread: My War Scrapbook Episodes

  1. Default My War Scrapbook Episodes

    Ive made quite a few episodes of my pritty popular internet series,in this series i wanted to aim at a simple smooth collection of archieved footage from ww2,vietnam and the gulf.

    Please tell me what u think:

    Thanks for all your views guys!

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    Haven't time to download all - but just watched the viet vid. Stern, sobering stuff, they'd love you at anti-war rallies.

    Those atomic explosions are shittifying. Some post-production effect added to the first one, maybe, but the second one looked unretouched.

    As you say, simple & smooth. It's often the case that less is more.

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    yea the atom bomb underwater one(not sure if u saw it) is from 1946 and the others 1945 in japan.

    Thx for feedback keep it coming

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    I can see why you enjoy doing this stuff. Why not apply similar themes to your own original footage?

    It's possible to show mundane, wordly activities with an apocalyptic sound track. Y'know, like a human's life turning from a feeling of futility to something different.

    I'm sure there's endless room for great creativity in this kind of stuff.

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    Heres another

    windows movie maker 2 and sony vegas 5

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    It's great that you're using imagery to remind everyone of the horrors of war, but...

    I've just watched the last set of 3 videos, and I must say they demonstrate little or no artistic intepretation or technical ability. The clips seem disjointed, almost as if you'd put no thought into what order they played, or the music you've used to enhance them.

    The choice of music was sterling, but you really need to use those choices to your advantage. Some would say, "cut to the beat"; I say let the video flow with the music.

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    yea i agree with you there,by video 5 i was rushing them out in about an hour to get them on the site..shame really.

    I would love to show u some of my movies that ive made,full length 2hour films but i cant because there just too big. :(

    windows movie maker 2 and sony vegas 5

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    You could make a short snippet from one of them - kind of like a trailer?

    Or edit out one sequence with a brief review of what the whole thing's about?

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    not really any point because it was a month back so there not watched really.

    windows movie maker 2 and sony vegas 5

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