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    Hi all,

    I am thinking about purchasing Final Cut Pro for my small video production studio.

    Would you recommend it? Why it is better than other softwares?

    Thanks and regards

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    It's not better, but it is easy to use and cheap so it's a popular choice. I have it but I use Avid and CS4. It comes down to preference really and what your needs are. Final Cut Studio has everything you'll need and it's affordable so I would recommend it when starting out.

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    Final Cut Pro is a 'tool' just like any other. Learn to use it well and it can (and will) product excellent results. The combination of FCP, Color, Motion and Soundtrack Pro is excellent, if a little quirky at times. But then all software has quirks, so FCP/FCS is no different.

    Can I recommend it? Absolutely. Are there alternatives that can also do the job you need? Absolutely.

    You pays your money, you takes your choice and you invest the time to learn how to use the tool properly. Like anything, there is so much more beneath the surface once you learn to use it well.

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    If you haven't ever used Final Cut before, personally I would recommend getting Final Cut Express to start with. It's very similar to Final Cut Pro (in may respects) and it will ease you in to the process. Final Cut Pro is an exceptional application but if you are only looking for a basic level of video editing it may be a bit overkill (and the price is quite steep compared to the very affordable Final Cut Express).

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