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    Default Recommended setting when burning DVD

    Hi Everyone,

    I just bought my camera and software. I bought a sony hxr-mc50u with Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Production Suite. Now is there a best way to burn or convert to DVD the movie files. I have total of 4 hours of recording. I assume well DVD says 2hrs on them but when i render the size is bigger more than 4.5 GB but the time is less than two hours. Well what i am trying to say is there a best way to fit the movie to DVD without loosing quality. I have try standard and HD. Please advice. Also any recommended site were to get free plugins for Sony Vegas

    PC Setting that is used for rendering
    Laptop Clevo 9261
    Quad core 6600
    8700M GT 512MB
    4GB of Rams
    800GB of HDD
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