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Thread: Harware for editing AVCHD with Sony Vegas?

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    Question Harware for editing AVCHD with Sony Vegas?


    I pruchased a new full HD Panasonic Camera TM-700 withfull HD AVCHD format.
    I did some edition tests with Sony Vegas 9 pro, but when I tried to do a video longer that 5 minutes the PC memory get full and I stop rendering

    1- What are the minimum and recommended PC requirements to edit with AVCHD?
    My pc is: MOTHER ASUS P5QC, Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200, memory Kingston DDR2 2 Gb, video XFX 9800 GT 512MB DDR3 PCI-E 2.0, DVD-R/RW LG 22x SATA, HD 500 Gb/7200 SATA2 Western Digital
    Windows XP 32 bits, Sony Vegas 9.0 32 bits.

    I'm thinking about changing the RAM and to buy 4 Gb DDR3 .
    4 Gb would be enough or do I need more RAM for AVCHD editing?
    Does it worth to change the operating system and editing software to 64 bits?
    Anyone is succesfuly editing AVCHD with a similar hardware?

    2- Another question, when I will be able to edit the AVCHD y and save them in a DVD (Blueray is still to expensive where I live), any BlueRay player with AVCDH support would play them from a DVD? Would the Panasonic DMP-BD60 work (I know it can plat AVCDH from the SD card but I don't know if it can do it from a DVD?

    Thanks a lot for your help!


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    Any idea?

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    Well, normally I would say that moving to 64bit and having a minimum of 4gb of ram is a no brainer. 64bit software will have many advantages over their 32bit counterparts, including the capability of using files larger than 4gbs in your edits. But there are people on these forums that say to ignore that advice. As far as the minimum for editing avchd, you meet those minimums. I am not sure exactly what error message you are getting, but if you are running low on memory, adding more ram probably won't work. A memory low error usually happens if you have a poorly written program installed that does not free up the memory it used, or constantly uses a little more every few minutes until it "runs out." To help fix the issue, besides my recommendation of the more ram and 64bit os, It might be time to start fresh with your system. Completely format, then install only vegas. Edit a video longer than 5 minutes. This will allow you to see if there is some type of hardware issue with your machine. If the system renders the video okay, then install your programs one at a time to track down the program at the root of the memory leak.

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    Thanks for your suggestions! I will add more memory and install a new operation system with 64 bits in another partition of the disk, only with vegas.

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