Hi there

I am uploading videos to my new site www.aspirincreative.com and the player will not recognize any .f4v videos. I changed the extension on one to .flv and it now appears to recognize and play the video.
Am I creating problems I just donít know about? I really need to be sure people can watch these ok.
Also, I didnít build the site myself and the developer is not being too helpful in terms of video playback (which has been less than great so far) the player seems to be a rather strange resolution (600x340) which is not native 16:9 and wont recognize 4:3 encodes without stretching and warping.
I have tried to encode close to this in media encoder but as soon as I select .flv over .f4v in the options my ratios seem to go mad, not keeping the preset and not letting me set to anything that is actually 16:9?!
Iím really not a code / flash guy so Iím bumbling my way through this. Any help on any of the above would be most welcome.