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Thread: USB2 external drive for DV capture

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    Default USB2 external drive for DV capture

    Hi there,

    This is my first post on this forum so any advice greatly appreciated.

    I currently capture directly to my Toshiba laptop's hard drive which perform adequately. However, disk capacity has naturally led me to consider external storage. I was wondering if USB 2.0 is adequate for capturing bog-standard DV footage from tape.

    I realise that on paper USB 2.0 is more than adequate, but in the real world I suspect that things may differ.

    I also have an esata interface which I could use...but I'd rather avoid that for a couple of reasons.



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    I would use the USB drive as a back up mechanism rather than for editing where possible. I.e. move all of your finished projects onto an external drive, leaving the laptop harddrive with enough space to edit current projects. Whilst I'm sure the drive will perform adequately, there is always the risk that the drive becomes unattached during edit or encounter one of a few "real world" problems associated with using an external device. It also just makes life a bit easier!

    Personally I have a few TB of storage within a NAS box. As I finish projects, they get archived onto this box, which includes the project file, all media, and the final export. I also upload the final export to Vimeo, which keeps a copy of that file in addition to the web copy they create.

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    As Marc said, use the main HD for editing and transfer it all when done, thats what i do too

    All Raw footage and any finished files go on the external drive when i am done with that job.

    There have been times when i have had to go back to an old bit of footage ( ie making a showreel recently ) and i just edited off the externals with no problem on the whole

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