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Thread: Find Polarity of DC Input ?

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    OK, I have a video camera ( Samsung HMX10 ) that has a DC input, I have a wall plug for it, but I want to change the end of that from a wall plug, to take another battery I have to make it portable

    Neither the camera nor the power supply have the Polarity Diagram on there to tell me if the Pin is possitive or negative, so whats the best way ( for someone quite useless ) to find out which is which ?

    Basically I need the camera to run for a long time but with no power supply around and the small battery in the camera your lucky if you get an hour running time ( 850mah ), so I have another battery from another camera ( 6000mah ) thatís the same voltage ( 7.4 ) and I want to make a connection to use that as an external supply

    If its any help, I did strip off the casing of the power lead, and inside is a small white insulated cable with the main bulk of wiring wraped round it

    Sorry, probably sounds like a proper idiotic question, but I donít want to go down the ĎPlug in and hope for the bestí option

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    Sorted after a long search of Aftermarket power supplies to find one with the digram on

    ( positive pin if anyone else ever stumbles accross the need for this answer )

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    Well done! - I had the same problem once. Felt lucky and twisted one of them t'tother end. . . . It blew a fuse in the cam! . . . Some days are diamonds
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