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    Morning all,

    New to the site and would like some advice if possible. I have almost finished building my PC, I just need to add a sound card and graphics card. Currently my machine is running dual hexacore 2.66ghz processors, 12gb of ram, 2x160gb SSD's for OS, 2x1TB for workspace, and a few more HDDs for storage. Currently looking at a range of breakout boxes, mixing decks for sound as I would like to record from my musical instruments for sound tracks etc... My graphics knowledge is erm... well... non existant!!

    I'm aware that rendering video is CPU and Ram intensive rather than graphics intensive but CS5 seems to recommend the Quadro range. Am I going to see any benefit to using a Quadro card over a high end gaming card? Could anyone recommend a card that would be suitable for premiere, photoshop and the odd graphics design in Illustrator?

    Many Thanks

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    what a great question... I had the same question and I got some useful info from Tom's Hardware. But I would love to hear (read) what Dd has to say.

    I think you and I have the same CPU, I've got the AMD 6100 series CPU (and my mobo has room for a 2nd CPU). I didn't get the 2nd cpu because I was told that if the software isn't writen for mulitiple cpu's it wouldn't make that much of a difference. But I supposed it would help if you use virtual machines.

    Take this next part with a grain of salt. I don't think you need to use the SSD's for the OS. From what I understand the SSD's are good for swap files and data files. Although the SSD's will probably speed up the boot up time, once the OS is loaded I'm not sure they help that much.
    I plan to save everything to SSD while I'm working and then back it up on 7200 rpm SATA. I'll have the SATA in a raid so it should be fast enough I think. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes! PS if you do have the amd 6100 series what heatsink did you get?

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