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    I just started a forum that is trying to inspire more gentleman to shoot videos, make music, and just do cool things and share them with us. You guys sound like cool dudes and if you would like to show off some of your work I'd like to invite you to our Forum. It is We are trying to make the best out of our mundane life. And we are all amatures using cell phones and hand held cheap recorders. But we try our best to get laughs out of people. I just thought i'd stop by to see if any of the Pros would like to show us some of their work. Since i dont understand HALF of what you guys are talking about in here i'm sure you guys have some epic work, and i'd love to see it. Feel free to come to and put us to shame. Thanks guys.

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    Hey what the hell? Some of our members post home porn and pictures and i was going to share them here but for some reasons i dont have permissions? Did i get banned already for inviting you guys to ???

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    No, you haven't been banned. I assume you attempted to post in the adults only section, without first registering for the adult only user group.

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