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Thread: Older camcorder Help.

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    Default Older camcorder Help.

    Hello Video fans,
    I have been unable to work with my kit for several yearsfor a variety of reasons, other things going on, I find some of my kit is not doing as I expect, any ideas where I can potentially get advice on resolving the problems?

    A case of When I had the time, I didn't have the kit, when I had the Kit I didn't have the time. so much to learn.

    Thanks in advance.

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    um.... here..

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    sounds like a job for the health service they can help you with your kit and getting it working again.

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    Default Ok Stupid Question!

    Ok, as a newbie, I wasn't sur if there was a particular place information of this nature should be sought.

    There are several questions from several different pieces of Kit.
    1. Canon UC9 Hi. I have a tape stuck in it and cannot eject it. shouldn't be a power problem as using it on mains power (through the charger, appropriate power unit.) getting the tape out would enable me to see if there is any other problem.

    2. JVC 700x MiniDV it will play tapes previously recorded but appears to have "gone blind", ie. there is no image through the lens. using on mains power.

    Both cameras have been unused for several years, and storage has been in a dry place, In home.

    well friends, thats the start point, any sensible suggestions will be welcomed, but I do have to say, replacing everything is not an option.

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