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    I'am a new one here. first of all sorry for my bad english
    So, I'am not sure it's a right place to ask about that, but anyway...

    Is anyone know how to make a video effect (or this is filming technique) which is looks like slow motion in real time (sorry, I don't know how to call it). For example "Nightwish" music video "Wish I Had An Angel" ( )
    Of course, I found one tip how to make that, it's when you speed up music to 150%, then shoot the artists with this fast music and then in editing software slow down this video. Hmm, probably it's works, actually I'am sure it will works but I'am not shure about result, I mean quality of result. Maybe here is some other options how to make that?

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    I suspect there are two ways.
    a) perform against the correct music tempo; and ask the performers to move slowly.
    b) (as you described), perform against speeded up music; and then slow down the video.

    Perhaps there may be issues with either method.
    a) moving slowly requires the kind of skills employed in dance or mime. Sadly, it is impossible to get get long hair to move slowly (except in a low gravity enviroment, e.g. film it underwater or on the moon).
    b) slowing down the video will remove the smoothness of the movement (as some frames will no longer appear). This might be overcome by filming the original at a high FPS. I note that some cams can do 60fps and higher.

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