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    I am trying to find a simple HD camcorder to take videos of my twins and to do a little editing. I recently bought the flip and love it, but the zoom is not that good. So I purchased the sony 110 to try as well and love it, but I can't do anything with the videos. I like being able to send my family clips of the kids through the internet and posting to facebook (positve to the flip). I keep going back and fourth and do not know what to choose. I do not want to spend a small fourture on the camcorder because my kids are only 1 and I know 6-7 years down the road, I will be looking to get something else. I am so perplexed on what to get and no one I know, knows anything about video cameras. I have gone to best buy and other store, but no one knows that much either. Please help. Right now my gut says to keep the flip because the software seems my easier but I really enjoy the picture quaility of the sony and the zoom (but the software sucks).

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    Well, the sony camera is definitely going to give you a better picture, no doubt about that. I would recommend picking up sony movie studio, found here.. Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Overview
    Its less than $100 bucks and will do everything you need it to do with little effort, including the correct file sizes and formats to upload to facebook easily.
    It is pretty easy to use, plus you can easily put the movies onto a dvd for backup or to play on your dvd player. (or a family members player)
    Maybe not as simplistic as the flip, but the picture quality and available features make it a pretty reasonable upgrade, with a small learning curve.

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    Thanks so much for the reply. Do you think i should invest more into a higer model than the sony HDRCX-110. It was just convient because I could purchase it at Walmart and really play with the camera. I hate buying at Best Buy because if you return it, they charge a 10% re-stocking fee. I like to take the equipment home and test it. Also it is really hard to get advice on purchasing equipment. My husband and I went to look at camcorders (Best Buy) and you get a kid trying to sell you something, he has no knowlege about. We did eventually find someone who did have knowldge about them but there are so many options. I basically don't want to buy a camcorder that will be extinct in 2-3 years.


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    Well, If you're sold on Sony camcorders, which are pretty nice, the 110 seems like a good choice. Besides some of the obvious differences between the other current sony model handycams like built in memory, hard drive or zoom, the only thing that will give you a better looking picture is the HDR-XR550V. And it is more than double the price of the 110. It is the physical size of the cmos sensor, 1/4" in the 110 and 1/2" in the 550 that will give you a better looking image when shooting with low light. That being said, the 110 is still going to give you a fantastic picture.
    If you happen to find someone friendly enough, you can do what I do. Ask the salesman if you can use your own memory card to take sample videos and see the quality at home before you purchase the camera. Most of the time they will agree simply because they want to avoid a returned product they'd have to sell at a discount. Take a few sample videos of bright areas of the store, and darker areas of the store, make sure you mention which model it is you're testing and see the differences for yourself at home. Then you can decide on whether the more expensive model is worth the price difference.
    As far as longevity, like any piece of tech, it will improve with time. But I don't think that any current model available will be obsolete, maybe just considered lacking some advanced features.

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    Just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your day to explain and help me decide on a camcorder. Greatly appreciated. ------Cassandra

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