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    Wa asked recently by someone if the could see some of my work, and up to now i have just sent them a copy of a recent TV show, Made sense to me, as thats why they were contacting me, so i figured thats the best thing to show them

    But recently someone asked if i just had a showreel i could show them, so i quickly threw a few bits together to a bit of music etc

    But i was thinking, what would people think is a good length for a showreel, do you think someone will still be watching after 10 mins if there is no story to it and just random clips ? or do people want to see as much as possible ?

    What do you think should be in there, and what sort of stuff do you avoid ?

    I am going to re-do mine at the end of the year when i get some time, so it will be good to see what peoples views are on the subject

    The one i threw together recently was 3 1/2 mins, based entirely on the audio track i was using being that length ..............

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    Hi Wayne,

    Love the video! You really captured the action a lot better than many videos I have seen on the subject, good work.

    I don't have any experience on show reels. I'm a beginner, and as such I don't yet have enough video to create a show reel, but I would say 10 minutes is the maximum anybody is likely to want to watch and in fact, five minutes is probably plenty.

    If I wanted a videographer to capture rally footage, the three minutes I just saw would have been enough to convince me. If I was hiring for a different genre though, I might (rightly or wrongly?) assume that you specialised in rally and therefore were not right for my project.

    There is a company called Quick TV that allow you to make online videos interactive. If your budget allowed, you could have an extensive show reel online and allow the user to click on the specific chapters that they were interested in? They may only watch 5 minutes, but by organising your work into chapters, you can ensure that they watch the 5 minutes that are most relevant and interesting to them.

    Hope that is of some help.
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    Yes it is Rally that we do, so thatís fine in terms of the subject matter

    Iíve watched a few peoples show reels and tended to switch off after a few minutes, partly as the subject matter probably wasnít of interest in terms of the content, only the camerawork itself, which of course isnít a bad thing, and admittedly I had already decided by that point I liked what I saw, so I guess the length isnít as important if you make sure your best stuff is in the first few minutes really

    I guess as a show reel is an extension of your ĎSales pitchí its best to get to the point quickly

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    Agree. So I think having your best stuff edited to the length of the track you want to use is probably a good shout.

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    I see you have avoided any fast cuts after about a minute I got a bit bored and thought some fast editing at strategic points might help to keep the interest going. I think this showreel shows off your work quite well.

    A show reel should only have your very best work in it. I would have a look at what you have in it and view it with a very critical eye, If you see a clip that you are in any doubt about, just cut it out.

    I'm not sure what the audience is for the show reel, if it's rally goers they will be interested in the subject but if it's media types they will get bored very quickly unless you fight to keep them happy. Usually a dolly bird or two helps with that.

    I hope you find this useful.

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    I try and keep mine to three and a half minutes max, mostly because the people they get sent to for work purposes are usually busy people.
    Its the same difference as recommending that a CV be no longer than two pages, people just dont have time to sift though multiple essays to find the right person for a job.
    I made longer ones at uni to begin with and watched my tutors get interrupted halfway through and miss all of the best bits. Very frustrating and a good learning curve.
    I would imagine happens everywhere, unless your important enough to warrant 10 minutes of a busy persons time :p

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