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Thread: JVC DV Camcorder GRD-72u and video capture

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    Default JVC DV Camcorder GRD-72u and video capture


    We are completely new to this and only bought the camera to capture our new baby which is due in 2 weeks time (so time is of the essence!)

    We have downloaded the JVC software from the site, bought a firewire etc and still when trying to capture our dv tapes to pc receive nothing on XP. We have tried using MovieMaker but it says it is starting a capture and then stops at 5kb with a black screen on the preview. It obviously recognises the camera as it remotely controls it.

    We have checked that we have the latest upgrades for Direct X and also downloaded Service packs 2 and 3 from Microsoft.

    Basically we are at the end of our tether!!!

    Please help

    Thank you

    (we are also unable to set up the camera as a webcam as it says we should be able to)

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    I'd recommend downloading a free trial of one of the popular cheap editing packages, just to see whether it's the hardware or the woftware that's causing the problem.

    Try Premiere Elements:

    (I hope you're on Broadband though - it's 515MB). You have to be using Windows XP, and seeing as you mentioned serive pack 3, i'm not sure if you are.

    Or maybe Pinnacle Studio: ID=7&loc=doc173&division_id=

    Oh, and good luck with the babba... A friend of mine is due to give birth today, but there's no sign of the little one turning up on time

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    Default Still not working :cry:

    Thanks for your advice

    I have downloaded both of these pieces of software, both will control the camcorder but still captures nothing. The preview screen remains blank!!!

    Getting very frustrated now

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