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Thread: picture in picture moves at rendering

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    Default picture in picture moves at rendering


    I've been playing around with sony vegas pro 9.0 and was trying out the 'picture in picture' effect. I do everything, but when rendering, the picture seems to have moven.

    - I tried making the project size the same as the rendering size, didn't fix it.

    - I've tried it with 'Track Motion' and with 'Event Pan/Crop' to change the size and position of my picture multiple times with keyframing(putting different sizes and positions on different spots, and use a key to lock it on that spot, so it isn't that in the whole vid).

    - I can change the size of my preview screen without having the problem of the picture i added being on a wrong place (the picture also goes bigger/smaller when changing preview screen size).

    Still, after all my tries the picture I add still changes in size (i have a feeling that the position is right, and the difference in sizes between keyframes to, however everything has gotten a different size than how it was supposed to be.)

    Does anybody know how I can solve this annoying problem?

    Hope I made myself clear enough for you guys to help me.

    P.S.: You can also tell how you do the picture in picture (what effects you use for it and such). Maby with that info I can do find out what I do wrong and get it working.

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    I think this may be a problem of mixing the media properties. On your time line right click the offending clips and check the properties of each bit of media has the same properties, size, aspect ratio/pixel shape etc.

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    In the 'properties' there isn't any difference. Changing the 'aspect ratio' in the pan/crop menu seems to solve most(if not the wholy) of the problem.

    Maby ,if you got some time, you could write time how you do it, so I can see what I do different.

    Thanks already.

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    There isn't really anything more I can say about it except, the fact that you have to change the aspect ratio in the Pan/Crop tool would indicate that the media is not the same as the project setting or the other clip you are laying it on. I didn't mention before that it helps if the project settings and the media properties should be the same.

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