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    Iím using a Toshiba Gigashot GSC-A40FE. (Iím recording in SP mode as I donít think my computer would manage much more than that.) One problem I have is that because I cannot find any free software for editing MPEG I have to convert it to wmv so that I can use Windows Movie Maker. I think it is this conversion that changes the speed of the final video (which is fine on the camera display). It starts out at 30fps from the camera but when I finally show the DVD it has sped up. (People are half running instead of walking.) After Windows Movie Maker I use DVD Flick and then Nero Start Smart Essentials to create the final DVD. Any ideas how I can slow it down to the correct speed? Thanks.

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    Does it look ok in Windows movie maker preview screen ? Are you in the UK or the US. 30fps is right for the US but not the UK.

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    Hi Midnight Blue - it looks fine in Windows Movie Maker. I'm in the UK. I don't see any configuration settings on the camcorder for fps but it says 30fps when I run it through 'Any Video Converter' software.

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    I'm a bit concerned that you are recording at 30fps in the UK, the PAL (UK) standard is 25fps. When you do your conversion make sure you set it to 25fps otherwise when you play it on a normal PAL DVD player it won't play right. Also make sure WMM is set to PAL. Look in Tools|Options.

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    Thanks for the advice. I checked the camera and there's no adjustment for speed of recording. I've tried two more bits of software to both convert the format and to edit MPEG4 because I've now realised that that is the camera output format. It's just totally baffling me!! I did manage to get it to convert from MPEG4 to wmv at 25fps but it was jumpy in Windows Movie Maker. I do ensure it's always set to PAL. Do I give up at this point??

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    This is kind of getting to the limits of my knowledge, I think you might be better converting the camera footage to .avi 25fps. This may be better for your editing program. I'm not sure what else to advise. It looks like you bought a camera which is set to NTSC which shoots at 30fps.

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    Thanks for taking me as far as you have. I really appreciate your efforts. Shame it didn't work but I have discovered one or two things on the way. I wondered, from things I've read online, whether or not MPEG-4 might be a problem. Thanks again.

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    I am still confused where the problem is occuring.
    The following questions may help isolate the issue.

    First, I recommend downloading/installing GSPOT (GSpot Codec Information Appliance), this free software will confirm the length (time) and the Frames per second of many video file types.

    1) copy the video from the cam to the pc.
    Does it play correctly? And does GSPOT confirm the correct time length and FPS.
    (Windows media player may not be able to play the file, so use another player, e.g. Quicktime or the DivX player[]).

    2) Convert the original file to WMV, using whatever conversion software you prefer.
    As with step 1, check with GSPOT and play it with whatever player you prefer.
    Is the length and FPS the same?

    3) Load the WMV into Windows Movie maker, and do you editing; and export the file as you already do.
    As with steps 1 and 2, use GSPOT.
    Again. Does it play correctly and is the length and FPS correct?

    4) You say the final DVD file plays too fast? How long (Time) is the original and the final DVD?

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