Dear friends
Some months ago i bought a Panasonic TM 300 video recorder AVCHD camera
Last week i spent many hours, trying to edit my captured video from my summer holidays, but it s impossible. It s one hour long in Full HD, and after editing it becomes 25 minutes.
I use Sony Wegas 9 pro, and after starting rendering, i take messages like "there is not enough memory", or "an undefined error has occured", and it stops rendering. I tried rendering in lower resolution (1440X1080, 24P) and nothing changed
I tried the same thing with small clips of 1 minute, and the result is the same.
My PC is an I-7 2,8GHz, 3GB of RAM, and a GTX 9800 plus 1 Giga (windows Vista 32bit)
I tried editing with my older programm (Pinnacle 11.1) but i cannot even put the clips in the timeline. It doesn t accept them (i suppose in doesn t support HD format) I also tried editing with power director 5, but it doesn t work either.
I m so confused, lost and disappointed becouse lately i have also buy a Blue ray player, a blue ray writer and new HD tv just for this reason.
Do you have any advise or idea of what is wrong? Do i have to change
settings, or something else??
With appraisal