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    Thinking about getting a Jib next year, and will want a power head on it to get more than just the up and down movement

    Any recomendations for what to get, what to avoid etc

    For a Sony FX1, probably wanting a Underslung one as they seem more practical

    And will need to be self powered as it wont be used near a power supply ( generator not an option either because of the noise )

    Price is a Budget price, so not £housands !

    Any sugestions welcome

    Thank you

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    Have a look at mine in a few weeks Wayne. My final mod will be a 24v DC supply thus removing the need for an AC supply. You can see my apprasial of my Pro Aim head at ProAim Pan and Tilt Head | Play Pause Click - Will show you at length if you want at Castle Coombe. Jib wise, you'll be hard pressed to beat the K-12 from Hagues in Nottingham.

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    Cheers Andy

    Ive looked at a few of the Jibs at Hague, had my Tripod from there in the past and a few other bits

    Long term plans for the Jib anyway so plenty of time to check out a few thins, including a look at yours

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