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Thread: Tell me what you think? Would be appreciated

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    Smile Tell me what you think? Would be appreciated

    I'm planning on making a series of short comedy sketches to do with the elderly. It's not to make fun of the elderly, I'm more hoping it's something for people to laugh along with. My first one "Nutrition for the Elderly" has been posted and that is what the video I have posted is. Think I should continue with more "for the elderly" 's? Thanks.

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    first bit of advice...

    drop the titles at the start, better off having the hello as the first thing up..

    sorry if i always seem to be repeating myself here, when making online content you do not title your video, even the shortest title is a non event.

    you only title if your setting up a viral style video or giving a viewer warning
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    I liked the idea and thought your delivery was good. I laughed at some of the gags. Coming back from the garden with cannabis leaves was the funniest point for me. I think it was a good effort. I also liked the smoke getting gradually thicker.

    It could have done with some sort of spicing up to help keep the interest, after a while it does get a bit boring as the pace is a bit slow but a sketch like this has to be this pace. Using different camera angles and some change in the pace of cuts may have helped with that.

    A good effort.

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    I liked the idea of the sketch, but if this video is meant for distribution on the internet then I think it is far too long. Personally, my rule is no longer than 5 minutes, and I found myself getting bored after roughly five minutes of this.

    I've posted a link of a cooking video produced by the Telegraph, which is five minutes long. Maybe that would help you edit down your current film?

    Video: Fish recipe: Prawn Laksa - Five Minute Food - Telegraph

    Good effort though, and the potential to be funny if you distill the humour into a shorter edit

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    The others have said it. Really it's one joke and there's not enough there to sustain it.

    I was reminded of "The Fast Show" and in particular Paul Whitehouse, where they might take this character/scenario and, rather than produce one 10 minute film based on the one joke, produce a dozen or so 20 sec - 1min sketches all based on the one joke.

    (I'm thinking "This week, I have been mostly eating...")

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    I thought that was hilarious. The Cat and the smoke. Great laugh.
    I agree, don't use titles in advertising related video.

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