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    Default High quality flash video

    Hi guys i need to find the way to produce high quality flash videos for the video website.
    My videos are filmed on canon xm2 so decent quality problem is with editing.
    I am using premiere elements8 but flash output is very bad, picture loosing sharpness pixilated (or im doing something wrong), so at the moment im finishing project in mpeg and converting to flash using Sothink video encoder for adobe flash.
    Please advice if there is any better way to achieve good quality flash video in PE8 or do i have to get pro version or change to something like Sony vegas pro?
    Thanks Slav

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    The easiest solution is to upload to youtube (or vimeo etc) and use their embed code on your website. If you want to host the video, use a ripper to grab it from the site. After all, YT etc have fully optimised their output for the web. Take advantage of it!
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