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  1. Question removing people from video

    Hey all

    I just wanted to ask which is the best way to remove people from videos. Of course you can do it frame-by-frame. But heres the example clip Its from movie "Matrix" and I want to remove Neo (that guy who dodges bullets)from that chapter and then put myself to that chapter. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

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    I suspect the 'best' way may be beyond your current software and your technical experience. Sadly, there are no simple plugins to replace characters in movies.

    You suggest that 'frame-by-frame' is an option. What were you considering doing to each frame?

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    To TimAnders. I thought that I could pick up some surfaces from video(around the guy) and put them over the guy,so I make the guy invisible. But it is difficult and need lots of work. To paulears, I thought that I could do it like this: So I just need the video without the guy. The rest of will be quite easy.

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    Yeah, doing "frame-by-frame" or something like that needs lots of work.

    Anyway,thanks for your time!=)

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    ...I did a job a couple of years ago where I had to remove people in a street as a car drove slowly along - making the street look totally empty..
    Perhaps you could post your video so the OP can see what can be achieved? Personally - I would have just gone back and re-shot the scene properly. Does demonstrate the need for planning doesn't it.

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