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Thread: Best Camera to shoot wide angle football footage?

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    Default Best Camera to shoot wide angle football footage?


    Recently the SONY V5E was recommended to capture a high quality wide angle view of a football game. Would you agree, disagree or recommend something else? It's quite a pricey piece of equipment, but i wish to retain as much quality as output would be SD DVD and stored on Mac for viewing, editing, presentation etc.

    Also, interested to know if you can output via firewire and another output say, A/V etc. and if its possible to use a firewire splitter to get two live feeds.


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    Wide angle lenses are typically used to capture a wide field of vision for fixed cameras. The concept being that the area of capture is maximised to compensate for the lack of movement. A goal mouth camera would therefore suit this kind of lens. For normal action, this wouldn.t be necessary as the camera can track the play.
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I should have mentioned i will be videoing from a tactical view point, thus trying to get as much of the play in as possible from a side view.

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