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Thread: Rallly video

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    Default Rallly video

    I've only recently got into video production so I'm hoping my videos keep improving. They are basically footage of rallies from around Ireland.

    2nd vid deleted. See no 2 here

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    some nice machinery there matt. nice to see the old school boys mixing it with the new school

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    What Camera are you using ?

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    A JVC Everio camcorder. It's not exactly television standard quality I know. Trying to save a bit of money to buy a more advanced camera. The video format is in MOD as well which is a bit of a pain having to convert it.

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    By the way sorry i didn't see the rule on only uploading one video per post!!!

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    I use a Sony FX1 - Perfect for the Job, Cheap in comparison to other 'TV' cameras and a lot easier to carry around

    Looking forward to our next job over in ireland in October

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    What will you be filming?

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    We are coming doing the Down Rally in Newry, First Irish Forestry event, we were over for the ALMC which was our first Iris Asphalt event

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    I'd say you'll be in for some fairly spectacular driving then!!!

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    It looks like the aspect ratio is wrong on the final render. I think you put your footage together nicely.

    Try sticking a little bit of something fluffy over the mic to reduce the wind noise. It looks a little silly but it does work.

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