I use three AVCHD cameras to shoot, Sony AX2000, Panasonic SD700 and a Panasonic GH1 (hacked firmware). I love shooting in AVCHD, the ability to shoot for 7 hours non stop on the AX2000 with 2 x 32GB sd cards is just amazing and I loved the quick import time to get the footage into the computer to begin editing - none of that real time capture that I was used to with tape.

Saying that though once the footage is in the computer it is a nightmare to edit, so slow and if you apply an effect or transition it just kills it and needs to be rendered or it just wont play at all and rendering takes longer than HDV did. I have just ordered a Black Magic Intensity Pro card to just capture in real time off the cameras with HDMI. I hope this solves the problem of the slow edit as I am really losing the will to live working on large projects with it.

Anyway has anyone else got experience of taking AVCHD in through a capture card like the Intensity Pro?