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Thread: software good in 'mass-cutting-out-of-many-different-segments' ?

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    Default software good in 'mass-cutting-out-of-many-different-segments' ?

    Hi there!

    I look for a video-editing software that is good for this following task (that i will have to do over and over in the next years, so i am prepared to invest money):

    the task will always look like this:
    - i have one big video-file, probably avi
    - i have a list of segments of the video that shall be cut out in individual files in a text file
    eg 2055-2325 (20minutes 55sec to 23minutes 25seconds)

    - i have lots of segments and lots of video files
    the software shall make it very easy for me to go from the one big video-file to the many individual files of the individual cut-out segments

    - ideally the software would probably have to have something like this:
    - the possibility to write in all the segments it shall cut out at once
    - automatic naming of the individual files of starttime+name of the original big file

    My search till now:

    I didn't like the following (too complicated or no avi-support):
    mpeg avi dvd cutter 1.0
    mpeg video wizard dvd
    video redo

    The best solution i found till now:
    Solveig Avi Trimmer - but it's really not a good solution. It needs a *lot* of clicking for every little segment.

    thanks a lot for pointers which software could be good or what i could try!


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    I am not sure if the "too complicated" referred to the complexity of the actions required; or that the software was not easy to understand.

    I have used (free) software "AVIsynth" and "FFmpeg". These may not appeal to Users who prefer graphical interfaces, but do offer many options for those of us who don't mind 'command line' applications.

    In effect, all the editing and file conversion and naming and appending can be described in a batch file. For example, in AVIsynth; creating a new file from frames 300 to 1000 of one video, and between frame 100 and 180 of a second video - can be performed with a batch type file containing something like:


    I expect there may be some GUI frontends written which use these apps in the background; and may offer suitable interfaces.
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    thanks a lot!

    I found avanti, a gui frontend for avisynth and ffmpeg here:
    AVANTI - FFmpeg/Avisynth GUI

    i will try it out later

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