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    We filmed this over 2 nights and one (windy) afternoon after a bit of hasty prop construction and I edited it over 24 hours, using Studio 12. So it crashed a bit.

    I completed post production myself including the composing the music, my bro contributed the CGI sequence.

    Had a lot of fun mixing the dinosaur sounds!!

    One or two regrets; some (free) stock shots don't cover the screen and that's my fault for not zooming in to 4:3 footage, and we didn't keep the chessboard.

    I tried to keep the story telling simple to give better weight to the subtexts if you want them.

    Watch out for my cameo as a tree hugger.

    Hope you enjoy, all comments welcome. *gulp*

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    I like the idea and thought some bits where really well thought out, The chess board and clocks looked good. For me the narrative was a little short in that It could have done with more pertinent points in human history. Just having the dinosaurs extinction, WW2 and global warming was kind of misses out a lot. This could still be done adding a couple of mins to the length of the movie. I found the story interesting enough to want more.

    I understand the constrains you must have had with budget and time etc. You edited in Pinnacle ! That deserves a special bravery award.

    One thing I would suggest is changing the titles as I found them hard to read.

    A really good effort, I enjoyed it.

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    I go along with what Midnight says above.
    However, I'm a bit lost as to why we have Before Christ and After Christ with BC representing evil (whether before or after Christ).

    The punchline was lost (especially the "mate" part!). Despite knowing the title I had to rewind to work out what he said.

    And I don't get the point of the punchline.

    Black Queen on black square moves diagonally and takes White Knight on white square?

    The "news report" footage was well done but spoilt by the 3D flip transition which cheapened it.

    Generally looked good and a great effort - especially for the limited time.

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    the most important part of your online video was taken up with titles, i feel it's better to use your first 10 second with actual production. Remember attention spans on the tube are tiny, best way to keep your viewer is show them the money, not the title.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Gotta disagree. Titles are important for any production. It depends who you want to view your work. Kids or adults.

    If you want to get your "hits" up then you might need to resort to tricks, if you want people to settle in and watch your videos seriously then it should look like a proper production. That means a title and into. My only comment on the titles is that they are a tad hard to read at the small youtube size.

    Technically, I liked the lighting but, like Tim, found the 3D transition in the 'News" clip didn't quite do it for me.

    Nice effort but the footage outside of the chess scene wasn't quite as good as the interplay between the two players.
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