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Thread: Realistic Pirate Ships Ahoy!

  1. Exclamation Realistic Pirate Ships Ahoy!

    Arrrrg me maties! Have your stories ever called for a shot of old fashioned sailing ships that sail upon the seven seas? So have mine!

    Basically you would have three choices: Stock footage, 3D animation or Do-It-Yourself!

    Stock footage is pretty easy to obtain; simply search for royalty free sailing ship or pirate ship stock footage online and you will be bombarded with search results of stock footage sites to check out. This is your easiest option.

    3D animation will work if you know how to do it. Results depend solely on the skills and talent of the cgi artist.

    If you are more ambitious however and your hands are itching to create something cool from scratch, then our Do-It-Yourself solution may be more your fancy:

    Click here to use an old school model method with a new digital twist...

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