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Thread: Mic too far from subject.

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    Default Mic too far from subject.

    I've looked at a few forums on how to enhance the vocals of an interview subject considering the microphone, a Rode stereo X/Y Condenser Microphone, is a bit too far from the subject, so his voice sounds flat and there's not much depth to it. I'm new to this whole game and I've looked at a couple of forums, which have said I can "gate" use dynamic filter or graphic equalizer to remove the audio trails, because there's a little bit of reverb to it, but I don't know how to do any of this. Also there's some reverb in the room, not too much, but basically his voice needs to be given some depth to it. Is there anyway someone can give me some user-friendly details on how to do this? Also is it possible to fix this using high-end consumer audio editing software or am I going to have to go into a studio of some sorts and get it professionally fixed. I've attached a sample here

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    I'm not an audio expert but it doesn't sound bad at all. It should be easy to tweak it with the software you have. Just be careful not to go over the top and make it sound worse.

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    Hi there, I wrote a tutorial on how to fix just that! If you have Soundtrack Pro on a mac, or other software like Protools and the Serento Pitch n'Time plugin, you should be able to fix in a snap, as long as you have a sample where a speaker was at the right position to the mike. Go here for free video instructions:

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluestupa View Post
    Hi there, I wrote a tutorial on how to fix just that!
    That link seems to be to fixing a totally different audio problem (time stretching and balancing between two takes)

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    Quote Originally Posted by louisdai View Post
    I've attached a sample here louisdai - Sample - SoundCloud
    Any chance you can post a downloadable version.

    For some reason I can't hear it now, but when I did, I could hear a bit of very short reverb, but much more serious was the constant hum throughout.

    This can almost certainly be reduced significantly using a noise reduction plug-in. I use GoldWave as my sound editor and this comes with an adequate one. The Sony Noice Reduction with SoundForge (pro version) is supposedly very good - but pretty expensive. There is almost certainly a decent plug-in or two fro the free Audacity.

    In principle you select a very short piece (milliseconds) of only the noise you want to remove then subtract it from the whole track. In practice you have to be very careful - it's better to do this many time using a very short sample than to use a larger sample. It's very easy for the result to sound very digitized (like early mobile phones). Lots of patience and practive is required, but getting rid of a constant hum at a steady pith is what this is ideal at.

    If you want to bring the sound "towards" the camera, you can try boosting the mids slightly (create a "bell" shape centred around 2kHz)

    A pretty useful automated mix of various EQ/compression and goodness knows what can be found in the free utility recommended to me on this forum: The Levelator® from The Conversations Network

    It may not be appropriate in this case, but it's very good for a quick fix at getting a voice-over/narration to cut through.

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