Hello, I have a Sony HDR CX-115 E Camcorder!

This is the first forum post i have on this forum! Im having problems editing AVCHD (mts) files. Id rather like to convert them to AVI or some more normal video file without loosing quality (If possible ?). ive tried several programs but the movie end up with either speeded up or no audio. If any1 know any free software i can use for this problem then please help! I really got a problem with this!

I also got some questions about my computer. I have a Dell XPS- M1730 Red (Laptop) I wonder if this PC is good enough for editing AVCHD Movies with forexample Sony Vegas pro 9 ? Becouse I am having also lagging problems with Sony vegas! is there anything i can install or fix to avoid this problem? or maby some new parts i have to buy to my computer ? id like to avoid to buy new parts becouse this was an expencive pc it costed about 5000 $ and was supposed to be one of the best gaming pc's.

If any1 have the same camera as me hit me up on Terje_Andre@hotmail.com.

Wich video editing software is recomended to use for HD Editing!?