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Thread: Paragliding clip.

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    Arrow Paragliding clip.

    Hi all!
    Here it is my first clip about paragliding...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Paragliding. My way.[/ame]

    Any good?!

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    Hello there, I liked your shots in this film but I would like to have seen more full screen shots. I thought the split screen style as an intro to the piece was excellent, but I kept waiting to be treated to some full screen video after the 'intro' and when it never happened I felt a little short-changed.

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    Nice shots etc. This struck me that it was just the into to a longer DVD/Video. I made a good job of it.

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    I have little artistic knowledge so I may be speaking out of turn here but I found it aesthetically very unpleasing.

    Your use of different colour processing really distracted.

    I'm quite happy to see a mix of B&W shots, straight colour shots and treated shots, but they really need to be much more cohesive - ie a treatments should be selected to match the rest of the video. You had a really strong "branding" with the text - why not make some of the colouring match that (eg "Sin City" effect or a red tint)?

    If you really feel the need to use vastly different treatments, change the treatments over time so those on screen are always complementary.

    Whilst I like the split screen effect, I didn't feel you used it that well - it all seemed too random as if no real thought had gone into it - more sort of "oh I've got this clip and a space here so I'll stick it in there".

    Whats more there seemed to be no consideration of syncing the movement.

    For an idea of what I'm getting at, take a look at something I produced last year - you may well hate it but it explains in pictures what I mean far better than I can in words. (I'm not posting this as a particularly good example, just as an example of what I'm talkimng about)

    You'll see a mixture of B&W shots, monochrome shots witha pink tint, B&W shots with just the pinks in colour and oversaturated and some blues (pink & blue being the colours of the event), so there is a selection of differently "treated" shots, but all co-ordinated.

    Also note how the movement of the shots is timed to work with the music.

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    sorry to me this was a fail, i found my eye wandering all over the screen and i hate title used on online videos.

    call me old fashioned, this was just an assault on the senses.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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