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Thread: Copying video: no sound

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    Default Copying video: no sound

    I am trying to copy VHS to PC. I have a Typhoon 5.1 sound card and a Tevion (Aldi) TV card with PVR software. I have linked the VHS to the PC with a Maplin SCART to yellow video plug and sound jack cable.

    The picture is perfect, but I cant get any sound.

    Please could you tell me where I should put the sound jack (keep it clean) and also how I should link together the sound and TV card. The PVR software has CMedia as the sound capture device via Line_In (Is this Line-In on Sound or TV?).

    I have XP, and control panel indicates that everything is working with no conflicts.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have used the comp in before on my winTV card. But I allways had better luck with the catv in. are you getting audio at all? or only when you capture? make sure that the audio out on the capture card is pluged into the sound card. since the sound card is what captures the sound. try using just the coax for the source.

    mark could answer this one better then I though.

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