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    I have searched for this but no luck and a slow internet connection have thwarted me.

    What I'm looking for is some sort of 'add-on' as I don't think its practical with 'standard' Vegas MS 9.

    A shaking text effect such as you may choose for earthquake footage if you get my drift.
    Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.

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    Grazie has been extremely exited recently about a plug-in "Mayhem" from VASST which makes this sort of thing a cinch. VASST - Mayhem

    Alternatively ProDad Mercali - a plug-in for stabilizing footage (which I've never had much success with though others rave about) bundles something which does it in reverse - ie creates an earthquake type effect.

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    Thanks for that Tim.
    I'm sure I'm being a bit dim here but after getting all excited about the free resources on this site I downloaded a bunch of different stuff to try, but nothing would open.
    So on this forum is a tutorial using VASST but I fell at the first hurdle because it instructs you to go to "TOOLS" then "SCRIPTING" which I don't have ( due to using MS?).
    The MAYHEM trial won't open in MS (requires PRO). So I'm a bit stumped at the moment and any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default Grazie's Twitchy Text!!

    Yeah . . Only Pro has the Scripting Goodies . . but but but . . .

    Knowing the power of VMS - having cut-me-teeth on VideoFactory (the start of VMS) - I had done this VF project just for youse!

    Basically what I did was to get busy with the Pan/Crop and shake-it-about a bit.

    I can:

    A] Save Presets of an FX and reload and apply

    B] I can twitch and rotate the Text

    C] I can Ctrl squash the Event so that it accelerates.

    D] I can Group various twitches together and just make a n awesome vibrating and gradually ever increasing twitch frequency . . applying a rumble (slap a mic onto your PC and make rumbling sounds with your mouth - I've done it) and you've got yourself a 9.8 on the Richter-Scale of earthquakes.

    It is all possible. See my attached "Grazie Twitchy Text" - there's a VF file in it. It was made in VMS 4.0 so youse gotta be able to open it up.
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    Instead of Pan/Crop, you can also use "Placement" of the Text.

    What you must realise is that as VMS doesn't keyframe an FX or PanCrop or whatever, you only get a Begin and End, you need to set up tiny Events of say 5 or 20 frames long - yes? Mind you, does your version allow for Keyframing? But Grouping and applying a Preset will get the donkey work outta the way. If you don't have KF-ing then you can still use my methodology - it works.

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    Ha, thats it! Thanks for that Grazie. I think thats pretty much just what I wanted. Still a bit disappointed that with VMS I couldn't get my hands on the stuff from the VASST site. My version of VMS does have keyframing though, so thats something.
    Perhaps I should just stop being such a tight-wad and upgrade to Pro?? This scripting malarky seems pretty cool and I thought the trailer for "Mayhem" looked awsome.

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    Well, you can REALLY get going with Keyframes in a keyframed version VMS.

    You can:

    1] Select KFs as groups and apply interpolation commands: HOLD; SMOOTH; FAST . . etc . . - great for Earthquake stuff!

    you can:

    2] Select groups of KFs and hold down the CTRL key and Copy them .. - oh yes

    you can . .

    3] Select a Group and THEN spatially spread 'em equally by holding down the ALT Key and either Pull them out or squash 'em!

    . . . lots to do here.

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