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Thread: Is it a Div/x or VideoPad problem? Please help

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    Default Is it a Div/x or VideoPad problem? Please help

    I have used Video Pad 2.06 editor to compile a Movie DVD
    I have 2 DVD players at home. The movie play on one home DVD machine but not the other one
    On the one machine it starts automatically with the right sound (the movie does not have any chapters)
    On the other machine it (the same DVD) starts with a directory first, then the 3 X VOB Files in separate chapters. When i select a chapter (VOB. File) they play, but the first VOB File does not have sound.
    On the DVD player it shows the counter and at the beginning of the counter Div./X
    I have tried different DVD writers, different DVD discs but is still stuck with the same problem. I also tried to burn different movies and the same problem repeat itself. On the one DVD player, the disks always came up with the menu en directory structure and the first VOB. File is always without sound

    Please see attached images of th counter and TV screen

    Please help
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    Please guys, does no one have an answer (or suggestion) for me or am I at the wrong thread/forum?

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