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Thread: Upgrade PC from Quad to i3?

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    Default Upgrade PC from Quad to i3?

    I use SV Movie Studio on a dedicated PC running Win7 32bit , Core2 Quad 8200, 4Gb DDR2 memory. Rendering is still a long winded process.

    Would an upgrade to Win7 64bit, i3 530 processor and 8Gb memory give a considerable reduction to rendering time? Or am I wasting my money?

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    As the i3 is only a twin core processor, I would have thought keeping your existing processor and changing the PC to a 64 bit system and doubling the ram would give you more bang for your buck! Just an opinion though.
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    i agree with Ian.. keep your hardware and increase the ram, adding a 64bit OS. If you cut the number of cores in half, expect to have longer render times. If you really wanted to upgrade, go no less than a core i5 quad. (there are some dual core i5's) i7 would be best...

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    Ignore the advice above about increasing your RAM and upgrading to 64 bit Windows.
    Vegas Movie Studio variants are all 32-bit applications and as such, no matter what else you have in your machine, will only have access to 2GB (with another <2GB) available to the OS. 4GB RAM is what you need for what you're running.

    Going to an i3 would mean a new mobo and if you're going to go for that I'd go for a quad core i5 (750/760). Upgrading to an i3 would be pointless and quite likely detrimental to render times.

    Since the introduction of the i5-750, I've not been entirely convinced that the extra outlay for the i7-920 (inc additional cost for mobo) is really worth it - especially given the significantly greater power consumption (130W vs 95W)

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    What about the i7 980. I'm hoping this is going to blow the roof my new system.

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