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Thread: Laptop not recognising my JVC camcorder

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    Default Laptop not recognising my JVC camcorder

    Hi All,

    Newbie to video editing here i'm having a problem getting my camcorder to be recognised by my laptop, model HP Compaq 6735s which has Windows Vista Home Premium, I have bought a IEEEE 1394 firewire express card/34 with firewire cable and attached 6 pin to the card and 4 pin to my JVC GR-D24EK DV camcorder. The firewire card shows up ok in my Device Manager as Via OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller, but my laptop is not recognising my camcorder, i have tried different capture software programmes but none recognise my camcorder. I have no software disc for my camcorder as bought 2nd hand.
    Does anyone have a solution for me please !!!

    Thanks for looking.


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    Thanks for reply, When i say it shows up in device manager i mean the new Express firewire card and not the camcorder, i have used windows movie maker, and Power Director. Windows Movie Maker does not find any devices to capture from and power director only recognises my web cam.

    The only other issue could be that the express card is the problem and although it shows up in the list, it's not actually enabled?
    Not to sure what you mean by enabled, in device manager it says the device is working properly ?


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    i'm new to the forum but when i read about the problem with a dv camcorder with a firewire interface that is not recognised by the PC that occured to me too, i decided to post this reply

    to topcat1001

    i have experienced the same problem with a canon minidv camcorder in the past few month after having re-installed winxp sp2 (the camcorder previously worked fine for over 4 years).
    Suddenly this evening the ieee 1394 "firewire" port started working again.
    I presume microsoft have released some up-date to solve this problem: try "camcorder not recognised" in ggogle and you will find out several people with the same problem as your (and mine until now).
    So i suggest to enable all the update your ms OS need and... GOOD LUCK!

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